The Perks of Seeing a Dentist Before Summer Vacation

May 18, 2023

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With May nearly over, Summer has truly arrived. The weather is warming, schools are letting out, and this season’s blockbusters are getting released. Chances are thus good that you’re ready for a trip. Even so, there’s one more thing you should do first. Namely, make sure to see a dentist before summer vacation. This dental visit would make your fun in the sun all the sweeter. If you’d like to learn why, your Anaheim dentist will explain. To that end, here are four big benefits of a pre-vacation dental checkup.

Protection from Summer Treats

As you might know, kids and adults eat more sweets during summer. Unfortunately, these treats often wreak havoc on your chompers. Favorites like ice cream and cookies are high in sugar – a carb that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Similarly, sodas and juices are acidic enough to wear down your enamel.

Fortunately, a stop by the dentist can protect you from summer treats. Quick teeth cleaning before vacation, you see, would lower your odds of tooth decay. After all, the service removes plaque and provides fluoride work. Your smile would thus have the strength to withstand summertime sweets.

Dental Emergency Prevention

A dental emergency is disruptive even in the best of times. Urgent oral issues, you see, are often painful and require sudden changes to your plans. That being the case, you’ll want to keep them away from your upcoming trip.

As it happens, a prior dental checkup supports this prevention. It lets your dentist diagnose and treat minor issues before they worsen. From there, you’re less at risk of a dental emergency on vacation.

Vacation-Ready Smiles

You may want to take pictures on your vacation. That’s only natural – trip photos help you memorialize and savor cherished memories. Still, remember that such images will need nice smiles. Dirty and yellow teeth won’t look good in your family pictures.

Thankfully, pre-trip dentistry addresses this issue. A standard checkup cleaning can whiten your pearly whites. Consequently, you and your other family members will leave the visit with vacation-worthy teeth.

No-Hassle Appointment Slot(s)

Ordinarily, maybe you lack time for dental visits. Your schedule may not even have the space to include them. Summer, though, can get around this problem.

Remember, summer is a flexible season. It gives you more time away from work, school, and similar obligations. (This lack of commitment, in fact, is partly why people use it for vacations.) As such, you can take advantage of its open schedule and book no-hassle appointments. You won’t have to worry about a checkup conflicting with another task or event.

In the end, seeing a dentist before summer vacation improves things. Book a visit soon, then, to enjoy the perks listed above!

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