Sedation Dentistry – Anaheim, CA

Settling Nerves for More Successful Visits

At Anaheim Dental & Orthodontics, we believe in creating positive experiences for our patients, so when someone enters feeling anxious or scared about their appointment, we aim to go above and beyond to help them relax. By offering sedation dentistry, we can help both children and adults achieve greater comfort while undergoing necessary treatment. Instead of feeling nervous about a particular procedure, these available solutions can help to calm nerves and generate a more peaceful and stress-free visit. Call us today if you or a loved one suffers from dental anxiety and could use the help of our expert team.


Why Choose Anaheim Dental & Orthodontics Dental for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Available for Children and Adults
  • Dentists with Decades of Experience
  • Comfortable, State-of-the-Art Facility


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation is safe for most patients and is considered the mildest form of treatment. Administered through a nasal mask, the patient breathes in the mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, feeling its effects within minutes. Entering into a more relaxed state, our team can provide necessary dental care while the individual remains calm and comfortable. Once the gas is turned off and the mask is removed, patients can expect the effects to dissipate quickly, allowing them to resume normal activity immediately following their appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation 

If a person struggles with moderate to severe dental anxiety, we can prescribe oral medication to be taken before their appointment. Referred to as oral conscious sedation, this method requires patients to have a family member or friend escort them to and from their appointment because of the lasting effects. The pill allows individuals to achieve a tranquil state during their visit, eliminating any nerves or fears that might otherwise keep them from visiting the dentist’s office. Within hours of returning home, the effects will wear off, and patients can expect to resume regular activity depending on the type of treatment received.



IV Sedation

For the most severe cases of dental anxiety, IV sedation is an ideal option. Administered intravenously via the hand or bend of the elbow, the medication enters the bloodstream and begins to take effect. Patients will feel as if they are entering a dream-like state; however, they will remain cognizant enough to respond to dental cues. Once treatment is complete, the IV is removed. Individuals must have someone drive them home from their appointment, as it can often take 24 hours for the effects to fully dissipate.


General Anesthesiology (Sleep Dentistry)

Children and adults who require multiple treatments during one appointment do have the option of general anesthesia. Also known as sleep dentistry, this method of care allows individuals to sleep while our team performs one or multiple procedures. This not only serves to keep patients calm and free of any pain, but it allows us to carefully administer treatment in a safe and continually monitored environment.